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Values: At The Areas Group of Academies, we believe success is achieved by setting goals and values that mean something to you and to live by them every day. Our values are special. Each one of the new 8 values were chosen by the students of our various academies. These students are reminded of our core beliefs and what they mean and how they will lead to a successful future. Our eight values are:
KINDNESS - We believe that kindness is a very important one. We want our pupils to be good members of society and by acting with kindness and refraining from using unkind words, gestures or taunts.
RESPECT - Being respectful is important in any way of life. To have active listening skills and a conscious attitude towards others is the right way to go about any situation. Respect isn't just about not speaking when some else is or being nice by holding a door for someone, it's also about being respectful of others' beliefs, thoughts or ideas even if you don't necessarily agree with them. Or, pointing out something about someone's appearance.  
PASSION - A good passion for learning is what we expect, when pupils come to school, we want to make them feel safe and ready to learn. Pupils with passion for learning usually achieve their goals because they aim higher and we make sure these students are commended for this.
COURAGE - Courage and resilience is key. When we have courage we are not afraid to do things that were seen as 'too hard' or being 'too unlikely for me to make it'. Additionally, resilience means that you will effectively 'bounce-back' from a past mistake or error, which we want to encourage.
KNOWLEDGE - When you are knowledgeable, or show wisdom which you get from studying hard and revising, you achieve your goals and are eager to learn. Knowledge is a very useful skill for later life as it shows you are capable of many things.
GENEROSITY - By aspiring to be a good member of society, which also links into kindness, we want our pupils to be caring and generous by offering support, special bonds or relationships and sharing in general. Generosity can also be sharing and exchanging kind compliments to one another.
RESPONSIBILITY - To take responsibility is a sign of great leadership. Taking responsibility also means that if you are at fault you own up with confidence and admit your wrongdoings. 
COMPASSION - Compassion links with respect, kindness and generosity in the fact that you respect other's feelings and their situations and you are accepting of that by show your support for them. Being kind and generous for those who are not as fortunate is an admirable trait and one that you should be proud of.